Evactron® Model E16 plasma De-Contaminator™

The Evactron® E16 De-Contaminator is a compact yet simplified plasma cleaner for Electron and Ion Beam Instrument load locks such as SEMs, TEMs, FIBs, and sample preparation chambers. The E16 delivers gentle and effective cleaning for superior resolution and imaging plus improved detector and probe sensitivity that are compromised by contamination.

New design features of the Evactron® E16 Plasma Radical Source (PRS) include a unique flush-mounting flange and compact size to fit in restricted spaces on a chamber wall. The Evactron® E16 Power Centre controller has a small footprint and can be placed horizontally or vertically to conserve space.

Evactron® E16 De-Contaminator


  • RF Power: 5 to 16W continuous
  • Energy efficient radio frequency hollow cathode plasma (RFHC)
  • Compact PRS – WxHxD:  2.5”x2.125”x3.75” (6.3×5.4×9.5cm)
  • Programmable ignition power, cleaning power, cycle time, number of cycles
  • Power Centre controller – WxHxD: 12.25”x3.5”x9.34”(31×8.9×23.7cm)
  • Touchpad programming of cleaning recipes
  • Wide range of pressure operation: 1 Torr  to 1.0 E-3 Torr
  • Fixed input air flow rate, no adjustments needed
  • Turbo pump compatible
  • PRS can be flush-mounted on the chamber or the load lock
  • No match or gas flow adjustments needed for plasma ignition
  • TÜV, NRTL and CE safety certified