Evactron Easy Plasma SoftClean™ (EPSC)


The ultimate in flexibility, the Evactron® Easy Plasma SoftClean (EPSC) combines the Evactron® EP remote Plasma De-Contaminator with the Evactron® SoftClean System, creating an easy to use chamber and desktop plasma cleaner. It can also be used as a specimen storage system, keeping samples in a contamination-free environment.

The EPSC system is equipped with three cleaning ports for TEM specimen rods and a top-loading lid for SEM samples. The central location of the cleaning ports allows for simultaneous and uniform cleaning of all TEM rods.

Optional, patented Safar TEM side loaders (Patent US 8,716,676 B2) feature a side-entry slot and locking mechanism which prevents any unwanted contact between the sample rods and the chamber stage during insertion and removal of the TEM rods.

The Evactron EP plasma cleaner can quickly be removed from the SoftClean chamber and mounted on most SEMs for chamber cleaning, making it a uniquely versatile product.

Using room air as a source gas, the EP plasma creates reactive oxygen radicals and efficiently removes hydrocarbon contamination from sample mounts, holders, and chamber surfaces.


  • Accommodates up to three TEM stage rods
  • Android tablet with Bluetooth communication
  • Optional Safar side loaders for safe loading of TEM rods and samples (US Patent 8,716,676 B2)
  • Uses room air for oxygen radicals production
  • Alternate gases can be used
  • Vacuum safety interlock
  • KF 40 vacuum mounting flange
  • RF Power: 10-20 Watts at 13.56 MHz
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz input
  • SoftClean dimensions: D × H: 8.5” × 7.2” (140 × 216 cm)
  • Electronic chassis: W × H × D: 17″ × 3.4“ × 6.7” (8.6 × 43.2 × 17 cm)