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Evactron® Plasma Cleaning

The Fastest Way to Pristine

XEI Scientific, Inc. is the recognized leader in downstream plasma cleaning. The Evactron® Plasma De-Contaminator™ is an RF plasma cleaner that reduces hydrocarbon contamination in vacuum chambers. This significantly improves electron microscope imaging and analytical performance.

Evactron plasma cleaners can also be used as an in-situ solution for cleaning EUV and X-ray optics as well as SEM and TEM samples. The Evactron De-Contaminator plasma cleaner can be installed on most vacuum chambers and electron microscopes. Controllers in rack mounted or tabletop configurations are available.

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Click below to view our world class line of Evactron Plasma De-Contaminators. Our various models meet a wide range of plasma cleaning needs. We invite you to explore and discover which cleaning solution best meets your applications.


  • Hydrocarbon removal in high vacuum chambers
  • Clean SEMs and FIBs for better imaging
  • Improve resolution contrast and scanning time
  • Achieve pristine vacuum conditions
  • Prepare specimens for artifact-free imaging

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