Evactron® Model E25 Plasma De-Contaminators™

The microprocessor based Evactron® E25 monitors plasma operation, has internal memory and is factory programmed to allow minimum operator training. The tabletop Evactron® E25 Controller uses a microprocessor with embedded software to regulate a leak valve and control the chamber pressure by a MicroPirani™ gauge. The microprocessor also regulates the RF power and has a clock to time the downstream plasma cleaning and nitrogen purging cycles. The microprocessor also records the operational and fault log. The Encoder Knob sets parameters in menus shown on the front panel display, and the Enable/Disable Button readies the Evactron® E25 for downstream plasma cleaning. The RS232 interface communicates operating parameters, forward and reflected RF power, vacuum level read outs, and operation/fault log between the Evactron® E25 and a remote computer through the provided Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Evactron® E16 De-Contaminator


  • RF Power: 0-20 Watts at 13.56 MHz
  • LEDs: Power on, Enable, RF On, Plasma On, and Fault
  • Front Panel Display and Encoder Knob and Enable/Disable button for Front Panel Control
  • Computer control with RS 232 I/O, DB9 Connector, Null Model Cable, 56k Baud
  • GUI with Event Log
  • Fixed RF Match mounted on RF feed through
  • MKS MicroPirani Transducer for vacuum pressure measurement
  • Electrically adjusted metering valve for flow/pressure adjustment
  • RF power interlock prevents starting when out of vacuum pressure range
  • Nitrogen purge feature
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz input