XEI Scientific Partners with Electron Microscopy Sciences to Promote and Sell its Products in North and South America

XEI Scientific, Inc., the world leader in remote RF plasma cleaning of carbon contamination in SEM, FIB, and other vacuum chambers, is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with EMS, Electron Microscopy Sciences, to sell and promote Evactron® products in North and South America.  XEI has sold more than 2400 plasma radical sources for cleaning localized areas, analytical specimens, and large and small vacuum chambers.  EMS specializes in the manufacturing, preparation and distribution of only the highest quality chemicals, supplies and equipment for microscopy and histology.


“We are very excited about the partnership with EMS.  The synergy of XEI Scientific with EMS, the largest supplier of electron microscopy equipment and supplies, will bring plasma cleaning technology to new segments of the market,” said Dan Kleinen, VP of Worldwide Sales for XEI Scientific.


This partnership is effective immediately and both organizations look forward to a mutually beneficial alliance to grow the business and brand of XEI Scientific in North and South America.