Evactron TEM Wand™ Plasma De-Contaminator

For in-situ cleaning of chambers in TEM/STEMs and in-lens SEMs

For all your cleaning needs, the Evactron TEM Wand includes a RF Plasma Radical Source (PRS), Table Top Controller/RF Generator with Automatic Pressure/RF Level Control, RS232 Computer Interface, Solid-state Micropirani Gauge, Cables, Instructions, and a five-year limited warranty.


Features and benefits

  • Top of the line plasma cleaner: the most flexible system available with fully adjustable ignition and operating pressures. Starts during pumpdown and is safe for diffusion and turbo pump systems.
  • Tabletop controller features easy one-button operation with repeatable, preset plasma conditions via encoder or external computer interface.
  • Uses energy efficient capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) and not wasteful inductive coupled plasma (ICP). Stays cool like a CFL (a CCP device) versus a hot tungsten filament bulb
  • Dual action cleaning with both plasma and UV afterglow to desorb adventitious hydrocarbons and water vapor.
  • Non-damaging to sensitive components – no sputter etch or stripping.
  • Gas source is room air for ease of use and low operating cost.
  • Installation options: the TEM Wand can be installed on Hitachi or JEOL 200-300kV TEM/STEMS or SEMs configured with a goniometer.
  • Five year limited warranty: stringent manufacturing control leads to low failure rate and customer peace of mind.


  • Electronic Chassis: H, W, D: 5.5″ x 9″ x 7″, (14 x 23 x 19 cm)
  • RF Power: 8-12 Watt at 13.56 MHz Capacitively Coupled
  • RF Generator stabilized and harmonically suppressed
  • LEDs: Power On, Enable switch, RF On, Plasma On, and Fault. LCD for line display.
  • Programming library for software integration on your computer platform
  • Fixed RF Match mounted on RF feedthrough
  • MKS Micro-Pirani Transducer for vacuum measurement
  • Mass Flow Controller for flow/pressure adjustment
  • Fault display, readout, and log, Serial interface.
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz input, 150 watts
  • Shipping 22 lbs. (10 kg.)