Chemist, Vacuum Plasma Chemistry Systems


XEI Scientific, Inc., is a leader in the downstream plasma cleaning technology and has one (1) opening for a Chemist, Vacuum Plasma Chemistry Systems. XEI Scientific, Inc. is a small scientific business that manufactures and supplies anti-contamination systems for electron microscopes. The company produces and markets several lines of products for vacuum contamination removal on a world-wide basis. XEI Scientific, Inc. is one of the first companies to market commercial plasma cleaners that use downstream cleaning process to remove carbon contamination from electron microscopes. Among other accomplishments XEI Scientific has developed a unique radio frequency (RF) plasma generator, a patented RF hollow cathode electrode, and an easy start programmed plasma cleaning. The downstream plasma cleaner provides a solution to hydrocarbon contamination in vacuum chambers such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and transmission electron microscopes (TEMs). Hydrocarbons in the chamber of an SEM and TEM microscopes or on the samples cause a loss of optimal resolution in high magnification imaging crucial to obtain high quality images. The plasma cleaning process developed by XEI Scientific, Inc. provides an easy and cost effective solution to removing and minimizing hydrocarbon contamination as well as maintaining clean chamber conditions for obtaining best results.

The company’s headquarters as well as manufacturing, production and R&D facilities are located in Redwood City, CA. The Chemist will work in Redwood City, California. He/she will travel within United States and abroad to provide support and solutions to customers within the US and world-wide as well as attend industry meetings, conferences.

Position Summary Description:

The Chemist, Vacuum Plasma Chemistry Systems is an entry level position involving assisting others with product development and customer support. This position will require up to 30% travel time to help install plasma cleaning systems, assist with demonstration of the downstream plasma cleaning systems, provide support, help train customers, and help solve technical problems when necessary. The Chemist will help with the installation and demonstration of the Evactron® plasma cleaning equipment on electron microscopes and vacuum chambers.

The chemist will attend conferences and meetings to help the team with presentations of new developments in the RF hollow cathode plasma technology. The chemist will also help write scientific papers and reports on the operation and performance of Evactron® Plasma Cleaners as well as provide support to customers (activities ranging from service calls /emails to support of the Marketing and Sales team during demos and meetings).

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Provide technical assistance in regards to using alternate gas mixtures (argon/oxygen gas mixture, hydrogen)
  • Help address concerns regarding plasma cleaning efficiency of different size chambers and plasma effects on different materials used in vacuum chambers
  • Work closely with others to help the marketing and sales team address customers’ questions and concerns regarding choosing the right chemistry and configuration of the downstream plasma cleaner for specific use and application
  • Help write documentation such as applications and scientific notes, validation protocols and reports addressing plasma cleaning technology in high vacuum systems
  • Travel to customer sites to help install, demonstrate, train and troubleshoot the operation of the downstream plasma cleaning systems
  • Assist with product performance evaluation tests at customer and demo sites
  • Help provide customer support nation-wide including installation, demo, and customer training to ensure the optimal performance of the downstream plasma cleaner on the various vacuum systems and types of microscopes
  • Assist with protecting and maintaining company property (i.e. traveling inventory, test equipment, tools, etc.)
  • Assist with testing new designs of downstream plasma cleaners at XEI as well as at customer’s sites
  • Maintain appropriate records of all work performed

Minimum Qualifications:

Requires a minimum of Masters of Science Degree in chemistry (any), physics, or related science from an accredited college or university and at least 1 year of progressive experience, or a Bachelor’s of science degree in chemistry (any), physics, or related science and 5 years of progressive experience in the following:

  • Laboratory experience in plasma science including RF hollow cathode plasma technology knowledge and experience
  • Proficiency in MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Good writing skills necessary to write reports, gather and analyze large amount of data for sales and marketing, and give presentations at customer’s sites or meetings
  • Must be familiar with SEM, TEM systems, spectroscopy, RGA, UV, and VIS emission spectroscopy of plasma molecular species.
  • Knowledge of good vacuum practices necessary to safely install/uninstall Evactron plasma cleaners without damaging high end microscopes
  • Experience using digital volt meters, hand tools needed to optimize performance of Evactron plasma cleaners and troubleshoot if necessary
  • Understanding of physics, chemistry and plasma science
  • Experience in disassembling and assembling high vacuum systems and parts as related to downstream plasma cleaner device is a must
  • Must be able to show excellent skills in organization, prioritization and time management
  • The ability to demonstrate the following:
    • Strong work ethic
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills with internal and external customers
    • Effectively communicate information to customers regarding service activities (such as installation, training, and schedules)
  • Must have and retain a valid driver’s license
  • Must be able to travel up to 30% of the time to client sites, conferences and business meetings. Travel may be local, domestic or international.

To apply, mail resume: Attn: M. Price, XEI Scientific, 1755 E. Bayshore Road, Ste 17,  Redwood City, CA 94063 or e-mail to

*The Company is not sponsoring visas for this position.