Evactron CombiClean™ System

Decontaminate specimens and columns of SEMs and FIBs!

The Evactron® CombiClean™System combines onboard vacuum cleaning chamber and external PRS (Plasma Radical Source) control in one unified system.

Innovative Design

The Evactron CombiClean features an integrated vacuum chamber for desktop cleaning of SEM samples and TEM sample holders. Remote Evactron in–situ cleaning of E-beam instruments such as SEMs and FIBs can be accomplished with a supplied second Plasma Radical Source (PRS). The Evactron PRS uses energy efficient capacitive coupled plasma rather than wasteful inductively coupled plasma to avoid energy loss through heat generation.

The Evactron CombiClean System is equipped with two cleaning ports for TEM sample holders and a top-loading chamber for SEM samples. The central location of the cleaning ports allows for simultaneous and uniform cleaning of both TEM holders.

The Evactron CombiClean chamber features the patented Safar TEM side loaders with a side-entry slot and locking mechanism. The loaders prevent any unwanted contact between the sample holder and the adapter during insertion and removal of the TEM holder. The Safar TEM side loaders are compatible with all TEM manufacturer’s sample rods.

The Evactron CombiClean System has an adjustable sample platform, allowing several samples to be cleaned simultaneously. It can also be used as an inert storage location for samples, specimens, and sample mounts when a nitrogen purge is performed to remove outgassing contaminants.


The system features a microprocessor with embedded software to regulate a leak valve and control the chamber pressure by a MicroPirani gauge.

The microprocessor also regulates the RF power, has a clock to time the downstream plasma cleaning and nitrogen purging cycles, and records the operational and fault log.

Cleaning with the Evactron CombiClean System may be setup from either the front panel or a remote computer.

  • 6” diameter cleaning chamber with top-loading lid
  • Accommodates one or two TEM stage sample holders
  • Remote Zephyr PRS for SEM and FIB cleaning
  • Dry nitrogen purge feature keeps specimens contamination free after plasma cleaning and when external PRS is in use
  • Overall dimensions: H×L×D: 8.25“×25.7”×10.6” (21×65.2×27 cm)
  • RF Power: 10-20 Watts at 13.56 MHz, Capacitive Coupled
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz input 225 W

Safar TEM Loaders

Safar side loaders were developed for safe loading of TEM rods and samples (US Patent 8,716,676 B2). The Safar TEM loaders feature a side-entry slot into which a sample holder is inserted This locking mechanism secures the TEM sample holder in the Safar TEM loader during insertion and removal of the rod.